Dragan Stevanović


Course on combinatorial matrix theory at CRM in Barcelona

I will be lecturing on spectral radius of graphs at the forthcoming advanced course on combinatorial matrix theory, which will be held at CRM in Barcelona from June 29 to July 3, 2015. Other lecturers are Pauline van den Driessche, Richard Brualdi, Angeles Carmona Mejias and Stephen Kirkland. For more details see here.

Research monograph on spectral radius of graphs

Elsevier has just published, through its imprint Academic Press, my research monograph on the spectral radius of adjacency matrices of graphs. The monograph covers the most important developments in the last ten years, and can also be used as a part of a graduate course on spectral graph theory. More details can be found here.


Editorial board member of Linear Algebra and its Applications

Starting from January 1, 2014, I began to serve as an associate editor for Linear Algebra and its Applications. You may see the full editorial board here.

Foreign member of a doctoral committee at TU Delft

I had an honor of being a foreign member of the doctoral committee at TU Delft for the defense of Dajie Liu on March 25, 2013. Dajie’s thesis was on “Robustness and Optimization of Comlex Networks: Reconstructability, Algorithms and Modeling” and his supervisor was Piet Van Mieghem.

An official picture after a successful defense:

Special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics

I am guest editing, together with Francesc Comellas (Barcelona) and Robert Elsasser (Salzburg), a special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics on the Applications of Graph Spectra in Computer Science. Submission deadline is November 15, 2012. View call for papers here, and submit your paper here.

DAAD intensive course Graph Spectra and Applications

DAAD Intensive course Graph Spectra and Applications was held in Spa of Vrnjci, Serbia from August 28 to September 3, 2012. Course contained 20 lectures, taught by myself and Robert Elsasser and it had 20 participants from Western Balkan countries and Romania. More details may be found here.

CRM Conference on Applications of Graph Spectra in Computer Science

I have coordinated and organized, together with Robert Elsasser (Salzburg) and Francesc Comellas (Barcelona), a conference on Applications of Graph Spectra in Computer Science at Centre de Recerca Matematica in Barcelona from July 16-20, 2012. More details can be found here.

Special issue of Linear Algebra and its Applications

I have guest edited, together with Ivan Gutman, Peter Rowlinson, Slobodan Simić and Edwin van Dam, a special issue of Linear Algebra and its Applications dedicated to 70th birthday of academician Dragoš Cvetković. Contents of the special issue may be found here.